Rust LATAM 2020: May, 22nd-23rd 2020 - Mexico City |
Where Rust meets Latin America: May, 22nd-23rd 2020 - Mexico City, Mexico. Rust Latam Conference is the Latin America's leading event for and by the Rust movement, and one of Rust community's largest annual networking opportunities. Two days of conferenc
Event rustlatam Rust May 22 2020 1   ...   ..
Rust for C++ programmers |
A Rust tutorial for experienced C and C++ programmers.
Book Nick Cameron Rust Dec 13 2019 1   ...   ..
Full Stack Python |
Full Stack Python is an open book that explains concepts in plain language.
Book Matt Makai Python Dec 13 2019 1   ...   ..
C++ coroutines: Awaiting an IAsyncAction without preserving thread context | The Old New Thing |
The C++/WinRT library provides an awaiter for Windows Runtime asynchronous activities. Those asynchronous activities are represented by IAsync­Action, IAsync­Operation, and progress versions of the above. The C++/WinRT-provided awaiter resumes execution of
Article Raymond Chen CPP Dec 12 2019 1   ...   ..
The Adventures of OS: Making a RISC-V Operating System using Rust |
RISC-V ("risk five") and the Rust programming language both start with an R, so naturally they fit together. In this blog, we will write an operating system targeting the RISC-V architecture in Rust (mostly). If you have a sane development environment for
Book Stephen Marz Rust Dec 12 2019 2   ...   ..
Async Interview #2: cramertj, part 3 |
This blog post is continuing my conversation with cramertj. This will be the last post. In the first post, I covered what we said about Fuchsia, interoperabi...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Dec 11 2019 1   ...   ..
C++ coroutines: Framework interop | The Old New Thing |
So far, we’ve been looking at the basics of awaitable objects. Even though we barely know anything beyond await_suspend, we already know enough to allow us to start diving deeper. It is frequently the case that you need your awaiter to interact with someth
Article Raymond Chen CPP Dec 11 2019 1   ...   ..
hyper v0.13 - seanmonstar |
hyper v0.13 After a few months of alpha development, the final release of hyper v0.13.0 is now ready! hyper is a maturing HTTP library written in Rust, already one of the fastest out there1, and...
Article Sean McArthur Rust Dec 10 2019 1   ...   ..
Async Interview #2: cramertj, part 2 |
This blog post is continuing my conversation with cramertj. In the first post, I covered what we said about Fuchsia, interoperability, and the organization o...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Dec 10 2019 1   ...   ..
Async Interview #2: cramertj |
For the second async interview, I spoke with Taylor Cramer – or cramertj, as I’ll refer to him. cramertj is a member of the compiler and lang teams and was –...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Dec 09 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust Actix is the only web framework to finish in Top 10 of all TechEmpower benchmarks : rust |
r/rust: A place for all things related to the Rust programming language—an open-source systems language that emphasizes performance, reliability …
Article Reddit Rust Dec 09 2019 1   ...   ..
Announcing the Team |
Today we're announcing a brand new team: The Team! Previously, has been managed by the Rustdoc Team, as many of the initial concerns of were shared by Rustdoc as was being brought into team maintainership. However, as time
Article Rustdoc team Rust Dec 09 2019 1   ...   ..
The Rust Programming Language (Covers Rust 2018) |
- by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols, with contributions from the Rust Community - August 2019, 560 pp. - ISBN13: 9781718500440 - GitHub repo: - Free ebook: - Free中文版:https://kaiser
Book Steve Klabnik Rust Dec 09 2019 1   ...   ..
C++ coroutines: Getting started with awaitable objects – The Old New Thing |
C++ coroutines: Getting started with awaitable objects – The Old New Thing
Article Raymond Chen CPP Dec 09 2019 1   ...   ..
research!rsc: The Principles of Versioning in Go (Go & Versioning, Part 11) |
This blog post is about how we added package versioning to Go, in the form of Go modules, and the reasons we made the choices we did. It is adapted and updated from a talk I gave at GopherCon Singapore in 2018.
Article Russ Cox Go Dec 03 2019 1   ...   ..
AiC: Improving the pre-RFC process |
I want to write about an idea that Josh Triplett and I have been iterating on to revamp the lang team RFC process. I have written a draft of an RFC already, ...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Dec 03 2019 1   ...   ..
Proposal for crates-io crate name reservation - Rust Internals |
First, a foreword: The squatting problem overlaps with many areas, such as: security — typosquatting, changes of ownership, identity — associating crates with an org… namespace, spam/abuse — malicious users who will p…
Article kornel Rust Dec 03 2019 1   ...   ..
Launching the 2019 State of Rust Survey |
It's that time again! Time for us to take a look at how the Rust project is doing, and what we should plan for the future. The Rust Community Team is pleased to announce our 2019 State of Rust Survey! Whether or not you use Rust today, we want to know your
Article The Rust Community Team Rust Dec 03 2019 1   ...   ..
Constant propagation is now on by default in nightly |
I'm pleased to announce that the Mid-level IR (MIR) constant propagation pass has been switched on by default on Rust nightly which will eventually become Rust 1.41!
Article Wesley Wiser Rust Dec 02 2019 1   ...   ..
How does async work in async-std? |
Lately I was porting a software from tokio/futures-1.0 to async-await. I somehow thought async-std was the successor of tokio and ported everything to async-std. 80% in, I noticed that my hyper dependency requires tokio and that it's not possible to replac
Article Phaiax Rust Dec 01 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust Language Cheat Sheet |
If you have never seen Rust before, or if you want to try the things below: ``` fn main() { println!("Hello, world!"); } ```
Book Ralf Biedert Rust Nov 30 2019 1   ...   ..
Async Interview #1: Alex and Nick talk about async I/O and WebAssembly |
Hello from Iceland! (I’m on vacation.) I’ve just uploaded the first of the Async Interviews to YouTube. It is a conversation with Alex Crichton (alexcrichton...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Nov 28 2019 1   ...   ..
Tide |
Today we're happy to announce the release of Tide 0.4.0 which has an exciting new design. This post will (briefly) cover some of the exciting developments around Tide, and where we're heading.
Article Yoshua Wuyts Rust Nov 27 2019 1   ...   ..
Announcing Tokio 0.2 and a Roadmap to 1.0 · Tokio |
We are very excited to announce Tokio 0.2. This is a ground up rework of Tokio based on async / await and experience gained over the past three years.
Article Tokio Team Rust Nov 26 2019 1   ...   ..
How to Panic in Rust |
What exactly happens when you panic!()? I recently spent a lot of time looking at the parts of the standard library concerned with this, and it turns out the answer is quite complicated! I ...
Article Ralf Jung Rust Nov 25 2019 1   ...   ..
Shipping a compiler every six weeks - Pietro Albini |
This blog post is a slightly edited version of the live transcript of the talkI gave at RustFest 2019 in Barcelona on November 10th, 2019. As it’s atranscrip...
Article Pietro Albini Rust Nov 23 2019 1   ...   ..
Announcing the Async Interviews |
Hello all! I’m going to be trying something new, which I call the “Async Interviews”. These interviews are going to be a series of recorded video calls with ...
Article Nicholas Matsakis Rust Nov 22 2019 1   ...   ..
Multi-Value All The Wasm! |
Note: I am cross-posting this to my personal blog from the Bytecode Alliance blog and the Mozilla Hacks blog.
Article Nick Fitzgerald Rust Nov 21 2019 1   ...   ..
Announcing the 2019 Go Developer Survey - The Go Blog |
Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
Article Go Team Go Nov 20 2019 1   ...   ..
Stacked Borrows: An Aliasing Model for Rust (the paper) |
I have blogged a few times before about Stacked Borrows, my proposed aliasing model for Rust. But I am a researcher, and what researchers (are expected to) do is write papers—so that’s what...
Article Ralf Jung Rust Nov 18 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust in 2020 |
This is my re­sponse to the call for blog posts on what Rust de­vel­op­ment fo­cus ought to be dur­ing 2020. Much un­like my ex­tremely late post for 2019, which fo­cused en­tirely on com­piler im­ple­ment­a­tion de­tails, the fo­cus is on things that af­f
Article Simonas Kazlauskas Rust Nov 17 2019 1   ...   ..
Unsoundness in `Pin` - language design - Rust Internals |
Recently, @withoutboats challenged me to demonstrate a hypothetical version of Pin with different guarantees, and show how it would be sound. However, while working on that, I stumbled upon unsoundness in the actual Pin.…
Article comex Rust Nov 17 2019 1   ...   ..
Global Executors |
One of the big sources of difficulty on the async ecosystem is spawning tasks. Because there is no API in std for spawning tasks, library authors who want their library to spawn tasks have to depend on one of the multiple executors in the ecosystem to spaw
Article Without Boats Rust Nov 14 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust in 2020, one more thing |
We need to work on error handling. It's a difficult thing to work on because a lot of people have strong opinions, but I think we should. Rust's error handling story at the moment is embarrassing, when people ask me what error library they should use, I cr
Article Nick Cameron Rust Nov 14 2019 1   ...   ..
Error Handling Survey |
Rust's error handling is a pleasure to use thanks to the Result type. It ensures Rust's error handling is always correct, visible, and performant. And with the addition of the ? operator in Rust 1.13, and the addition of return types from main in Rust 1.26
Article Yoshua Wuyts Rust Nov 13 2019 1   ...   ..
A summary of what RustFest is |
Personal website of Jan-Erik Rediger
Article Jan-Erik Rediger Rust Nov 12 2019 1   ...   ..
async-std - Announcing async-std 1.0 |
async-std is a port of Rust’s standard library to the async world. It comes with a fast runtime and is a pleasure to use.
Article Florian Gilcher Rust Nov 11 2019 1   ...   ..
iou: Rust bindings for liburing |
Today I’m releasing a library called iou. This library provides idiomatic Rust bindings to the C library called liburing, which itself is a higher interface for interacting with the io_uring Linux kernel interface. Here are the answers to some questions I
Article Without Boats Rust Nov 08 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust 2020: towards a 1.0 crate ecosystem |
The Rust language itself went 1.0 in 2015. And yet, almost 5 years later, at least in my anecdotal assessment talking to and reading things written by current or potential users, there is still a sense that the language is still in some way... | Tony Arcie
Article Tony Arcieri Rust Nov 07 2019 1   ...   ..
Elvis operator for Rust - language design - Rust Internals |
I usually shy away from new syntax discussions, but this bit seems interesting to me. A similar idea was discussed previously, but I think that post missed a rather crucial detail. Summary Add ?: (elvis) operator to Rus…
Article Aleksey Kladov Rust Nov 06 2019 1   ...   ..
Rust 2020 |
I was thinking of not writing a blog post this year. I didn't think I'd have much to say. But I thought that I should, I had some nagging feelings that we needed to do some things differently. Once I started writing, I found plenty to talk about. This blog
Article Nick Cameron Rust Nov 05 2019 1   ...   ..
Runtime Diagnostics |
Rust is well-known for its helpful error messages, good tooling, and generally empathic compiler interface. If something goes wrong, Rust tries hard to help you get back on track.
Article Yoshua Wuyts Rust Nov 03 2019 1   ...   ..

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